The cleaning fairy came today

This is the first in a series of Speed Blogs.    So much to say, so little time to say it.

After a few weeks absence Stephanie our cleaning fairy visited us today.   It was beautiful to come home to a spotless home.

Being sick for the last week or so, I did leave my domestic goddessness somewhere, not sure where it was, but it wasn’t here.   For example, a cricket died on the floor approximately 7 days ago.  Rather than vaccum it up, or even pick it up in a tissue, we all watched it slowly decompose.  Did you know their legs just fall off after they have been dead for a few days?  Nice.   The good news is Stephanie has vaccumed up said cricket.   Below is what our living/dining area now looks like.   I should be one very happy woman.  

Alas, I’m not.   Lurking upstairs is a world that Stephanie the Cleaning Fairy does not enter.   This world is inhabited by two teenagers.  Who shares their home with a teenager?   Hmmm well if you don’t, please brace yourself for the photos below.   They are extremely graphic and can cause some distress.  If you are of weak consitution please don’t look at them.   You have been warned!

Teenager 1. – 17 years 11 months

Teenager 2. – 16 years 4 months

My week will be filled with nagging of said teenagers to clean their rooms.   Eventually they will remove the dirty plates, rubbish and accumulation of wet towels.   When they leave for a weekend at their father’s I will don the HAZMAT orange suit and enter armed with with a garbage bag and a can of Glen 20 and battle the toxic waste dump.    Sadly, I performed this ritual not two months ago!!

I don’t understand the mentality of a teenager.  When their friends come over I ask them if their rooms resemble these – their answer – “oh mine’s way worse”.   What???   You can get worse?   Give me strength.    How many years until they go?    I heard Bernard Salt talking today and the average age for the Gen Yers to fly the coop is 25.  Crap I don’t think I’m going to last … arghhhhhhhhh

Will your children grow up to be this messy?     I hope not.   Parenting 101 – I think I’ve failed!


About Annieb25

A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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18 Responses to The cleaning fairy came today

  1. Carol says:

    Oh god … you mean it never gets better?

    • Amanda says:

      Okay…your room pictures have depressed me a little as I have four children and we compromise room tidy but just DON’T open their cupboard or draws! But they are not teens yet……

  2. catebolt says:

    Annie…I have a whip. I think you need to learn to use it. Better still, let me in there and I’ll whip them into shape myself. I have 5 teenage boys and lemme tell ya, that crap doesn’t fly in my house.
    Don’t wish them away. It sucks when they leave. Time to start cutting off the luxuries…like food.
    While you’re in there cleaning up – which you should NOT do – you might want to remove the TV’s and other electrical equipment and have them earn it back.
    Time to grow up and show mum some respect… and you, my dear, are doing them no favours by allowng them to abuse your home in that way.
    Yes I’m a militant mother and if you think I’m harsh… you should meet my husband.
    Sorry Annie, words spoken with love, you deserve better.

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  4. Mel Kettle says:

    A friend of mine was one of 7 kids. Her dad didn’t put up with mess and crap lying around. If toys, books, clothes, shoes etc were not in their proper place (ie cupboard, toybox, bookshelf etc) he gave them to Vinnies and the kids then had to use their pocket money to buy them back. Needless to say the house was fairly tidy after they realised his threat to give their stuff away was not just tough talk. The local Vinnies were in on the plan and put all the stuff in a box, knowing the kids would be in on the weekend. My friend spent her pocket money on her own stuff for 3 weeks before learning. If they don’t learn to clean up after themselves then hit them where it hurts! As Cate said, remove the TVs and other treasured items.
    And good luck!

  5. Rick Bolt says:

    Do your children not have any respect for you? To treat your home in that way is just not on.. And sorry to say but you letting them do it is not helping either. Towels belong in the bathroom, food in the kitchen and NOT in any bedroom. No way on earth do our boys (5 teenagers now) allow rooms to get in that condition because they know the consequence. Removal of privileges is a starting point.
    This is not about being lazy or being a “teenager” it is about respect for you and your home. Once they learn that respect the pressure on you to clean up that rubbish will be gone.. Yes Cate is right, I’m a hell of a lot tougher then she is on this type of behaviour.
    Take control!! All said to help not hurt!!!


  6. Seraphim says:

    Hmmmm, not something I look forward to at all. But I bet they are wonderful kids in many other redeeming ways.

  7. Julie-Ann says:

    Oh I swore I would never allow this too. And yes my Mr17’s room is about the same- minus wet towels and he eats all the food (bottomless stomach). But I too don’t nag about it. Once a week I demand the sheets be changed. Every couple of days I go in and grab dirty washing and rubbish. Once a week I ask for the blinds to be open (I swear he is a vampire) and the windows to be opened. But it is his space so I let it go. He must however treat all other areas of the house the way I like them. By the way Mr17 recently said he wanted to study interstate after I stopped sobbing I said no it was too expensive. I pray he stays home until he is 25:)

  8. Naomi says:

    Today I vacuumed my son’s room… and under his bed…. and his mattress. I have not vacuumed for a month or so in there. There is a desk somewhere in the room, and a stereo… I found socks, clothes, dust bunnies… and he’s only 11… Don’t get me started on my daughters room. I don’t know if I can take it getting worse!

  9. Oh, good Lord. I have three sons. And even at the ages of 8, 6 & 3, they might just be able to give your boys a run for their money in the causing-a-messy-room stakes.

    What chance have I got? *sigh*

  10. Jeanne says:

    I have an 18 year old daughter and her room looks very similiar to the photos above. I do make her clean it up every few weeks but at other times I shut the door and ignore the mess. I ensure she treats the rest of the house with respect but my belief is that it is her room and she should be allowed some freedom to keep it as she wants it. This saves me hours of nagging and since the state of her room isn’t harming anyone I don’t see a problem with it being that way….

  11. Thea says:

    I’ve been searching for the cleaning fairy everywhere, now I know where she is…at your place!!

    What is it with kids and messy rooms?? I am not looking forward to teenagers’ bedrooms….gulp!

  12. Katrina says:

    Oh dear, oh dear… I am feeling a little giddy. That would stress me out so much. Please don’t tell me this will be my life! I will have 3 of them!!! Have you made any progress with them? xx

  13. Annieb25 says:

    Thanks for the comments – sorry if I caused you any distress with the photos – but I did warn you 🙂 Yes these two boys are messy and at times take this mess to the extreme, but you know what, this blog was written a little tongue in cheek and for the most part I can shut the doors and ignore it. It is their space. They do get to a point where they can’t stand it and we work together on it. I love my boys and they are good to me for the most part and I wouldn’t swap them for the world. I’m a soft touch I know, but when all said and done, that’s kind of how I like it.

  14. therealsydney says:

    So glad I have one teenage girl who says things like “I can’t get to sleep if my room is messy” – she loves everything exactly where it should be.

    Between the ages of 13 and 16 not so much !

    Love the blog!

  15. Jen says:

    Hmm…replace the food and magazines for barbies, soft toys or cars, keep the wet towels (because they leave them dumped on the floor) and these rooms surprisingly look like my 6 and 4 year olds rooms!

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  17. El x says:

    I have 2 teenagers….there is a trick to getting them to keep it clean…….get THEM to ‘help’ you ..then strip the room leaving only the bed and make them put it all back…watching their faces as you demoslish is priceless …..worked a treat in my house, but I find it comforting to see they leave food, you provide for them, their empty slept in beds means you provide a warm place for them and they use it, mess on the floor means they have a space to call their own…….I allow my boys the same luxuary because I know they are loved and love me back and there will be time enough for empty ‘clean’ bedrooms when we say goodbye and hand them over to the real world….you are doing a fantastic job xoxox

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