Personality Testing with Toilet Paper

I wanted to do a light hearted post as the ones I’ve been doing lately have been a tad heavy going for my beautiful readers.  

Mia Freedman of renowned Mamamia fame was asking earlier tonight about star signs and personalities for people to work with. 

 This got me thinking back to my HR Manager days and the high tech Psychometric testing we used to do for our employees.  Did it help?   Hmmm I’m not totally convinced.   A candidate I interviewed totally fitted the profile we were looking for (based on testing) – after 6 months on the job turned out he was a borderline psychopath.   Another candidate identified by the “test” as not suitable, I ended up employing on a hunch and he’s now the Managing Partner!  Both true stories.

I’ve also been involved in DISC profiling and Myers Briggs Personality Types and other variants on both of these.   They have their place, but when it all comes down to it – there is really only one personality type test.   

It is one question, it is quick to answer and it is free.

Do you scrunch or do you fold?

Nothing more.  Nothing less.

This question should be mandatory for all job interviews.

If you are looking for someone who is neat and meticulous, is process driven and always on time you need a FOLDER. 

If you want someone who is creative, can multi task, can handle interruptions, is outgoing and a people person you need a SCRUNCHER.

I’m not going to tell you what I am.  Based on what you know about me I’m going to ask my blog readers to guess which one I am.   And while you are guessing what I am, tell me whether you fold or scrunch.  I’d really like to know if I’m right.  I’ve already tried to guess what I think you all are – oh yes I have given this some thought.    Please don’t stop following me on Twitter.  I really am ok.

Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about – I am asking whether you fold or scrunch your toilet paper before you use it.   I’m asking the hard hitting questions tonight.

I bet you can guess what the members of your own family do.  Go on guess and then ask them.  You will be surprisingly right.   In fact I would bet many of you have already asked this question before.


About Annieb25

A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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26 Responses to Personality Testing with Toilet Paper

  1. I’ll play – I love the hard-hitting questions! 😉

    I’m a scruncher.

    But I’m also an INFP, a Taurean and a 7 in the Enneagram. Can you tell I studied psych and spent my share of time in the HR world? 😉

    I totally agree that there is no one perfect way to suss someone – though the gut feeling is probably the best!

  2. MsDovic says:

    Ahh this post made me laugh :). Love it!

    I’m a total scruncer. Roles and roles of it.

    Based purely on the description I’d say scruncher for you.

  3. prospeter says:

    Scruncher here, and I’d say you’re a frustrated scruncher who thinks they really should fold, but the ‘Rebel’ in you keeps you scrunching..

  4. MsDovic says:

    Sorry, had to add another update. Just found out hubby is a folder (we are exactly the polar opposites descibed above). More funny is that he was in shock that anyone scrunched -“How do you do that???”he asked.


    And I’m an ENFP Capricornian :).

    PS My gut tells me you’d be folder even though I said scruncher above. I’m also indecisive 🙂

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  6. Thea says:

    Hehe, this is my kind of game!!
    Can I be both?
    My mum taught me to be the most meticulous folder (using only 2 squares I might add…ah Mum…you do know toilet paper is NOT waterproof, right?)
    Anyhow I rebelled and now scrunch as much as I want…but neatly!! LOL

    I’m guessing you’re a scruncher. You better tell us all now. 😉

  7. Seraphim says:

    I’m a scrolder. As in, I fold, then scrunch. Not sure I fit in the profile now 😦 And what about you lovely lady? What do you do?

  8. Christie says:

    Haha it was with trepidation that I clicked on your link. Could I handle the hard questions tonight? Could I handle Annie making me cry again!?
    I was a scruncher, but my scrunches have been getting neater over the years and now look more like folds LMAO (I think I am crazier than you for even answering this!!)
    For you, I’m guessing scruncher, but if that fails I’d definitely go with folder.

  9. Patty says:

    Er…fold, then scrunch. it works. I’m a Capricorn, no idea of what else I am. I just am. hugs to all…. x

  10. Janelle says:

    Hahaha. I’m neither a scruncher or a folder. I’m a roller. I kind of roll the paper haphazardly around my hand and then unroll it as much as needed before it drops into the flush zone! LOL I have no idea where I fit in your personality test now!!!

  11. Oh scrunch and ONLY scrunch…folder leaves you wide open for ahhh, shall we say, DISASTER?! May I add to the assessment criteria this ALL important question – is the photo you have included the correct or incorrect way to put your toilet paper on the roll? For me it has to be from over the top (OMG OTT!) not from under, can’t stand it from under. I think that officially creates a contradiction with being a scruncher.

  12. Tracy Rudd says:

    I don’t know about the post, but the comments are making me cry! ROFL!

    PS. I know I said on Twitter I’m a scruncher, but I’ll change my answer, because Seraphim came up with the strictly accurate answer – I’m a scrolder, too. And not just ‘cos I like how it sounds… go on, you say it: Scrolder. Lovely. 😉

  13. Kate Hunter says:

    I scrunch. I believe folders lack imagination. However, they are not wasteful, so are eminently employable esp in economic downturn. Oh, am on cusp of Libra and Scorpio.

  14. Liz K says:

    I Scrunch and I don’t subscribe to astrology at all or numerology, those letters are just confusing me (I do know what they’re about but have not retained their meanings) and I reckon instinct rocks ! I always rely on instinct 🙂

  15. Bern Morley says:

    Total scruncher. Takes too much time to fold. 🙂

    I reckon (though not 100% sure) my husband is a folder. x Very funny x

  16. Bern Morley says:

    Oh and I reckon you might be a folder. Mainly because you appear to be so together and meticulous. But you are also really creative. So maybe like Seraphim – a scrolder. haha

  17. I am a scruncher. Until this post I didn’t realise there was any other way. Who would take the time to fold toilet paper? The mind boggles. Turns out husband is a scrolder too – there’s more than a few out there!


  18. Kylie L says:

    Fold, then scrunch. I like knowing that underneath all that mad creativity there is a plan; some order in the chaos. I do my best work from a firm foundation, a foundation that involves planning and precision.

    The cushions are always straight on my couch too, BTW.

  19. Naomi says:

    Scruncher here… really? People take time to fold it? I’m with Frankly Feisty too.. the toilet roll must be placed on the holder as illustrated above. I change it at work, friends homes… I can’t deal with it facing the other way. For one thing it looks aesthetically pleasing over the top. Under can lead to all sorts of disasters.
    I’s say you’re a scrolder too!

  20. Liz K says:

    I mentioned this to a friend today and she tells me of a person (not her) who folds in a concertina style down their leg… I’d hate to analyze him…

  21. Thea says:

    Just came back to see if you’d fessed up yet and the comments are too funny!
    I do like the sound of scrolder…because it sounds like Mulder…remember him??
    And I agree with (I’m too lazy to scroll back up) whoever make the comment about over/scrunchers under/folders…that makes sense to me!

  22. Patrick says:

    I’m a folder, tendency to need everything organized and in control, but I’m also spontaneous and creative, married to a scruncher tho’ so never a dull moment…… I reckon you’re a folder Annie 🙂

  23. michelle says:

    scruncher. and i know that my husband folds up his tissues into neat little squares after use but then (at odds with anal retentiveness – not in the mia sense) doesn’t put them in the bin.

  24. dicardy says:

    I’m with Seraphim I scrold, and layers? Some I believe use intense multilayering
    whilst others can use singles? And quality of paper? I mean the difference between
    a standard recycled paper and a extra-soft and almost fluffy paper that seems
    to kiss the touche at times? It is only a place I would be in passing.

  25. I’m with Seraphim, Tracy and Kylie – I’m a scrolder!! What does that say about me??

    And Annie, I’m with you on the personality testing – my previous employer was always interested in doing some of those things with candidates, but I resisted and always went with my gut feeling. Not a great technical way of conducting HR work, but it always worked out!

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