Do you think of shopping lists at inappropriate times?

On Sunday I finally got around to making my herb and vegetable garden. I have been wanting to do this for about 6 weekends – I even bought some plants a few weeks ago – they all died because I didn’t actually plant them or water them.  I left them in a bag on the outdoor table to fend for themselves.  And they let me have children and a dog.  Scary really!   It doesn’t sound like my garden has much hope in all honesty.

We have a big yard, however I still wanted to put it all in pots on our verandah. I’m sure my family thinks I’m slightly crazy, but they humour me nonetheless.

On Sunday morning I spent a good 3 hours buying potting mix and plants, filling pots, planting plants and cleaning up. All the while I was totally engrossed in what I was doing. While I was planting I thought of nothing but what I was planting. When I was mixing up soils etc I was thinking of nothing but the soil and what pots I was going to use. When I finished I realized how therapeutic gardening really is. It kept me in the moment. It kept me there. I was present. I was being mindful.  It felt really good.

Ta Dah!!


Most of the time however, I am not being mindful. I am not fully concentrating on what I am doing at that moment. I am thinking about what else I have to do, what I’d rather be doing, how little time I have and it goes on and on.   It’s a bit like thinking of the shopping list when one should be thinking of more pleasurable things when alone with husband or lover.

Huge example. Last night Mr 16 sat with us and watched Survivor.  A very rare occurrence.  What did we do?  We both sat there on our laptops engrossed in whatever was happening on them.  After about an hour Mr 16 said “do you guys spend every night on your laptops?”.   We looked at him and each other and nodded.   He said “it’s a bit antisocial.  I made a few comments and tried to talk to you, but neither of you heard me.  It wasn’t important so I didn’t interrupt you because you are working.”   Holy crap – that really shocked me.  I closed my laptop and told him he was right.  Talking to each other was way more important that being on my laptop.   Oh my, how much am I really missing out on?  

I felt the biggest fail right there and then.  

I went to bed thinking about how I rarely get to fully enjoy what I am doing at any particular moment. This is quite sad because I am sure I am missing some moments I should be cherishing or at the very least enjoying. Perhaps this is why life is speeding right past me. In fact I am sure this is the case. I’m not alone though, I think we are all guilty of not enjoying the present moment.

I’m glad for that fail last night, because all good fails should be reminders, wake up calls.  That fail made me realise what is important.  I can’t tell you enough just how important my boys are to me.  In fact, I should always remember that “people are more important than things”.  How easy it is to forget this at times.

I have tried many times in my life to practice mindfulness but all too often life gets in the way of this and takes my thoughts off on all kinds of tangents.

I found a great article on the Zen Habits blog and have provided a link to it here

If you feel like being more mindful and enjoying more of your “present” have a read and let’s try the mindfulness challenge together.

Right here, right now I am going to try and be as mindful as possible with everything I am doing. It’s going to be hard – even now as I write this I am thinking that I really should be showering, making lunches, finalising a report … ENOUGH! Time to get started.

Zen proverb: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

I’ll keep you updated on my mindfulness.   Let me know how you go or how you practice mindfulness.  I could do with the tips!

PS … If you are all wondering why I am going all new age and trying to slow down – it is coming out of necessity. I walked really close to the edge a few weeks ago and do not want to tumble over again. The edge is not a pretty place and I am backing away from it as fast as I can.  Some day soon I’ll blog about it.  Just not right now.


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A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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16 Responses to Do you think of shopping lists at inappropriate times?

  1. Peter Brewer says:

    Awesome!.. Hey, Take it from someone who dived off the edge. Take some time to pick the strawberries!.. I’ll shout the coffees one day and share my dive. I survived and prospered… But I promise I’m nit going back for another one!.. Now get back to that garden!!

    • Annieb25 says:

      Thanks Peter. We shall definitely catch up for that coffee – but only if you bring that Ipad along 😉 We can share our dive stories!

  2. Patty says:

    Don’t beat yourself up too much hun, we have all been guilty of not being fully ‘in the moment’, and I love that your 16yo actually wanted to speak and engage with you both. Will read your zen link, we can all improve. xx

    • Annieb25 says:

      Thanks Patty – it was really lovely that he wanted to sit with us. In fact he’s sat with us every night since then. Am trying hard to do the moment thing – it’s amazingly difficult. xx

  3. AnnalisaW says:

    Lovely post. Reminds me of the Warren Zevon quote ‘enjoy every sandwich..’

    • Annieb25 says:

      Every time I eat a sandwich now I think of your comment. Warren Zevon is right – we should enjoy every sandwich. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. xx

  4. MrsDesperate says:

    Snap! I did fall off the edge, and as part of my recovery, I am doing a mindfulness course. It’s bloody hard work … we do a full day a week trying to create new pathways in our brains and learning various techniques, then have to practise being mindful in some way each day. It’s amazing how much noise and clutter we have in our lives and how thoughts – like shopping lists – just pop into our heads. Good luck on your journey.

    • Annieb25 says:

      Thank you. I hope your journey to mindfulness is full of discovery and peaceful moments. It is a hard thing to do, but I’ve no doubt it will be worth it for both of us. xx

  5. Seraphim says:

    As one who has been over the edge I understand what you are saying. We don’t always have to be present, but we shouldn’t always be absent either. It’s a balancing act and we must forgive ourselves when we “fail” and acknowledge the times when we succeed. As always, a beautiful and mindful post. x
    Love the new garden!

    • Annieb25 says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment, as always. Wish you lived closer – we could have a coffee and a chat. I think I’d enjoy that very much. xx

      My garden has grown heaps over this past week and I have already started eating things from it – basil, oregano and some lettuce leaves. V.exciting.

  6. Christie says:

    Your words really make me want to get out into the garden (and close my laptop at night).

    • Annieb25 says:

      I hope you did get out into the garden. I’m still not closing my laptop at night as much as I should, but I did watch a movie with my son the next night. My garden is growing and I’m using things from it already. Your blog inspired me to get my garden planted. Thank you xx

  7. Thea says:

    Wow, Annie! I love coming here. Your words are so powerful and always open my eyes and make me feel better….all at the same time!
    I’m so sad to hear you’ve been in a bad place. I hope all this helps you, you sound like you’re coming out of it beautifully. xxx

    • Annieb25 says:

      Thea I’m so glad you love coming here. It makes my day to know something I’ve written makes another person feel better. Thank you for saying that. xxx

      I love visiting your blog too – you write so freely and wear your heart on your sleeve. I think you are so very lovely and can’t wait to meet you IRL one day.

  8. Katrina says:

    Hello my lovely friend. Look at your potting! Aren’t you clever. Me? No way. I am not good with dirt at all. Hope you are feeling better. The edge for me has been all of this year. Please hurry up and end 2010, but hopefully I am on the mend now. Email me if you want xo.

    • Annieb25 says:

      Lovely Katrina. Thank you for always coming to my blog and leaving lovely comments. 2010 is proving to be a bit tough for both of us, but I know we will stay far enough away from the edge so as not to topple over. I wish you lived closer to me because I would love to catch up with you for coffee and cake while we hold each other back from the edge! xx

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