Philanthropy, Twitter, Misunderstandings & Authenticity

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just start here and see what happens.

Last night and the night before and the night before I have been banging on about how much I want an Ipad.  I really do want one.  For no real reason other than they are super cool.  Do I need it?  No.  Can I really afford one?  No.  Will it make my life complete?  Absolutely not – I am already happy. 

This started a twitter conversation last night that I didn’t totally feel comfortable with.  Initially I thought it was “tongue in cheek” but I soon realised it wasn’t.  However, not until after I made a flippant comment.   Now these comments are not what you are thinking – they were not nasty or malicious.  The people involved are some of the loveliest people on Twitter and the comments were made, I believe, in absolute good faith and without any intention to hurt.  They were made out of a feeling of awe and admiration more than anything else.

I also know that a very kind, generous and hard working woman has felt hurt morning, thinking that people misunderstand her intentions. 

I am talking about @catebolt.  I think most of the people I tweet with know Cate and what she has been through, what she has done, what she is doing.  I think we all admire her greatly.  I know I do.  I am not sure I could do what she is doing, but I’m not sure I could have 9 children either.  If you weren’t aware, Cate is a mum to 9 children.  That alone blows my mind and makes her awesome. 

The point I am making is we are all unique.  We are unique in our thoughts, our motivations, our boundaries, our passions, our everythings.  It makes us who we are.  It makes the world a vibrant exciting place.  We all can’t be the same. 

Cate is using Twitter in the most amazing way to raise awareness for her causes, to fundraise and to make connections and friendships.  I think she has pioneered a fabulous way to find people to donate to her causes.  She could stand in shopping centres, she could door knock, she could telphone call (right at dinner time).  Instead, she uses Twitter.  Truly, Cate is pioneering a way forward for the future of fundraising.

In saying all of this, I also know that Cate is a person, a woman, a mother.  She doesn’t expect everyone to be like her, just as I don’t expect everyone to be like me.  I believe Cate enjoys the friendships she makes on Twitter and she enjoys connecting with like minded people and also non like minded people.   I apologise if my flippant comment has caused you any hurt Cate.   

For me, Twitter is a place where I am me.  I am authentic and true to who I am.  Sometimes I’m funny (not that often and mainly just in my mind), sometimes I’m cranky, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I can be a bit naughty  and most times I rave on inanely, butting into other peoples conversations whenever I get the chance.  That’s who I am.     I know that Cate wouldn’t want me to be any other way.  I’m sure at times my inane banter drives some of my followers crazy – that’s ok – don’t follow me.  It is a choice.

I also know that Cate doesn’t want anyone else to not be authentic because of her.  Cate’s intentions are to raise money for her orphanage and she is passionate about it.  It doesn’t mean that she thinks I’m a bad person because I want an Ipad.  I do what I can to be philanthropic.  I volunteer, I donate money, my fiance is a Rotarian and we help out in the community.  That’s all I can do right now and I’m very comfortable with that. 

I totally admire Cate and a teeny part of me would love to do what she is doing.  But for me, my life and my family it’s not the right time to do something so life changing right now.  For  Cate it was.  

I live in a nice home, I’m warm, I have nice clothes, I have an expensive engagement ring, I have a mortgage I can’t jump over.  I don’t feel guilty because there are people with nothing.  There are kids being abused.  There are kids starving.   I feel bad about it, I feel sad about it and I wish the world didn’t have to be this way.  But I also know that none of us can change the world singularly.  We can all help.  We can all do our bit.  We all do.   We just do it in different ways and that is what is amazing.

The best thing is life we can be is authentic.  I love the people I tweet regularly with.  We are all different and yet we are all the same.  No one should feel guilty for what they can do to help or what they can’t do to help.   And most importantly … no one is judging.

I also want to say the purpose of this was not an advertisement for Cate and the work she is doing, but an acknowledgement of what she does, my apology if my flippant comment added to her hurt and to remind everyone that we are all valuable by just being ourselves.


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A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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6 Responses to Philanthropy, Twitter, Misunderstandings & Authenticity

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  2. Carol says:

    Annie, I didn’t see your comment. We all help, or at least most of us do, in the ways in which we can. You have faced your own serious life challenges, as have we all. We express our love, our fears, our concerns and our passions in different ways.

    Cate is a wonderful and inspirational woman, but I’ve told her I could never be brave enough to do what she tries to do. I think she still likes me, regardless!

    I wish I would change the world, too … but it takes more than me to do that. So I do what I can. It is different to what Cate does, or what you do, it is simply what I can do.


  3. Cate Bolt says:

    I think you’ve all completely missed the point.

  4. Maxabella says:

    Sounds like a case of wires being crossed… happens a lot when you start talking technology.

    Whatever is going on here, Annie, you’ve done Cate a great service. I had no idea how to help her cause until I followed your link. I’ve just made a small donation as I’m sure many others will.

  5. MsDovic says:

    I thought that was totally lovely to read. Great that more and more ppl know about what @catebolt does, although that’s just a super bonus benefit. I know it’s really about being authentic…the place we all aim to be.

    I’m still working towards an iPhone (you hear that Apple gods??).

    You’re all ace for being you and true to yourselves xx

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