Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I have definitely been slack on the blog writing front.  To those beautiful people who regularly visit my blog, my apologies there has not been much to read for a few weeks.  Sometimes “Life” has a habit of getting in the way of doing the things we love.  I shall be rectifying this situation right now.  I have a heap of blog posts in my mind that are just busting to get out.  First I should provide an update on life, in no particular order.

I just read back over my old blog posts to see what I’d said I’m going to do and, in typical Gemini fashion, I’m not sure I’ve achieved any of it … yet!   I say yet because us Gemini’s might seemingly have a lot of “unfinished” stuff going on, but eventually things do fall into place.  We work best when all our balls are up in the air – all I can say to that is “thank God for helium!”.

Procrastination – is she my friend yet?  Um maybe?  What am I talking about?  No she’s not my friend, I tried, but she’s intent on stealing my time away from me.   I need to plan my day otherwise I find it has disappeared on me before I even get started.  I write a to do list, read it once, put it on my desk, it gets covered up with “stuff” and I find it 4 days later.  I usually get to cross most, half, yeah ok 2 or 3 things off and then I add about 20 more things to it.  So, the status on Procrastination … let me think about it and I’ll come back later and let you know.  It’s not looking good from this vantage point.

Healty Eating/Lifestyle – Remember the 2 kilos I lost when I started my healthy living plan a couple of months back?  I found it!  Can you believe it was hiding in the packet of dark chocolate Tim Tams I ate over the last 2 days?  Of all places.  Who’d have thought?  I’m still feeling ill at the thought of eating the entire packet myself.  I did not share with anyone.  I hid them.  I can say that it’s the first real chocolate binge I’ve had since in a long while.   Unfortunately I’ve not been very inspiring in the healthy eating/lifestyle area.  Exercise is virtually non existent, other than the Yoga I do weekly, er um, ok I’m booked in to go weekly but I get there fortnightly.  The funny thing is I absolutely LOVE Yoga, but poor time management means I don’t always make it.    Seriously though, I have had some health issues over the past few months which have contributed to my slackness, however they are finally back under control thanks to my Nazi Doctor and my new Medical Compliance Officer – aka Mike!  Interestingly enough when I am well I am more inclined to exercise and eat better.  I think there is something in that for all of us!

My Mojo – I’ve got a funny feeling that procrastination stole my mojo and took it for herself.  I’ve discovered that she’s quite selfish like that!   Actually, I think my Mojo is coming back, and above said health issues had something to do with losing it.   My work is still boring me, however it does pay the bills and until I win lotto, invent something clever or write an amazing series of books about vampires and werewolves I have to keep pushing on.  Unfortunately at this point in time, running out of money is not really an option I’m happy to consider.

My new IPAD – I just had to put this in here.  I love it.  No I LOVE it.  I REALLY REALLY LOVE it.  I LOVE MY NEW IPAD.  Now that we have my feelings sorted, let me just say that this little piece of technology is a marvel.  I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can do with it, but already it has my love and attention.  The best thing so far – I’ve downloaded an app that integrates with Google Reader and all my favourite blogs are there for me to read – in bed – like a book.  Wow!   I’ll stop now because I was brought up not to brag, I was told that people wouldn’t like to be my friend if I brag.  Is that true?  Surely you are all happy for my new found love?  Oh, you have IPAD envy?  I’m sorry, really I am. 

Birthdays – mine has recently passed and it was so lovely.  Thank you to everyone who made it special for me.  My doggie had a birthday yesterday and I can’t believe I forgot.  I did remember in the afternoon and presents were hastily bought and his special day was celebrated in true doggie style with lots of treats last night.  My oldest child turns 18 tomorrow.  Wow.  I’ve been a mum for 18 years.  Hard to believe.  I don’t feel that old – but guessing I must be.  I’ll write more about my lovely boy in tomorrow’s post.

It feels nice to be back.  So much to write, so little time.  No Tim Tams.


About Annieb25

A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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18 Responses to Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

  1. Patty says:

    Bloody Tims Tams! Bad for the environment, owned by the Yanks, chocolate sourced by poor stolen Africans, and bad for the hips too. Who knew? The whole thing stinks *crams another dark chocolate TT into my mouth.

    Happy birthday pooch, Happy Birthday for real to your 18yo. Enjoy, enjoy, best years of your life. PS. You are waaay too young to have an eighteen year old. Seriously. Stop looking so good! 🙂

  2. Susie Kline says:

    Oooo I have Ipad envy! I look forward to regular posts from you!

  3. MsDovic says:

    and oh so nice to have you back! What a gorgeous post. Apart from 18yr old boys and iPads (up, yeah, total envy) you could be me. Seriously. And I really really like that 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about your 18 r old x

  4. Maxabella says:

    Happy to see you back blogging away. Laughing about the kilos found in a packet of tim tams. As for the mojo, I lost mine for a little bit and it was hiding in routine. I found it again when I started to do something different every day. It really helped.

  5. francesjones says:

    Brag on baby. I wanted you to keep going.

  6. Peter says:

    Nice to see you back enjoying your passion for writing. You do it very well!.. Its nice to see you back Sister!… And thank goodness youre not talking about glittery volvos!!..

    Did I mention I have an Ipad too..

  7. Welcome back Annie. I’ll take those Tim Tams off your hands if you like. Not that I need them, oh no. But you know, just to be friendly and all. 🙂

  8. Love it all!

    I am so jealous about the iPad. Integrates with Google Reader? Heaven! I’m tempted to just go out and buy one. Reeeeallly tempted.

    I find the old mojo comes and goes… Ah well. You’re back, baby!


  9. BTW – I was talking about *my* mojo – not yours. Sheesh.

  10. Ricardo says:

    Oh pardon… my amiss.

    Many Happy Returns!!!

    And may the sun shine upon your daisy patch,
    And the stars light your way in the write of the night.

    Hava Bonza Year,



  11. Kylie L says:

    LOLat this! Love the honesty. Can definitely relate, except I don’t even *pretend* I can resist Tim Tams…

  12. Katrina says:

    Hello sister! Glad that mojo is coming back. I lost mine big time this year too, but it seems to be coming back too. I hate your stinking guts (not really)… ipad jealousy! LOL. NO more tim tams. Ok?

  13. Ali says:

    Ahh I have Ipad and TimTam envy!! xx

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  15. Bern Morley says:

    I’m jealous of all your blog ideas bursting to get out. Want to swing one my way. Feel like I’m all out of topics some days.

    June’s a top month to be born. All the best people are born then xx

  16. Thea says:

    Brag away!!! My mum told me that too, but I’m thinking it’s not really true! lol
    Fancy those TimTams hiding your 2 kilos all that time…..naughty TimTams.

    So happy you’re back. xx

  17. Carol says:

    I’ve had to hide my chocolate stash from my husband. He always finds it, I hope now it’s secure.

    I’m still resisting your iPad enabling.

    And isn’t mojo a funny thing. What gives you your mojo?


  18. Jodi Gibson says:

    I love your blog Annie. So honest, funny and inspiring. Keep writing!

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