C25K Run 3 Done & Dusted

Today I really struggled to get the motivation to actually go for my run. As one does these days, I reached out to Twitter and the motivation was sent my way, in spades. My lovely Tweets cheering me on, giving me enough inspiration and motivation to get up and go.

I made it again – the whole 8 x 60 second runs. Woo hoo! I started out well. The first 2 runs were good, but by the third run I remembered that I forgot to go to the bathroom before I left home. This made the 3rd, 4th & 5th run a bit stressful. By the 6th run I’d lost count and still thought I was on the 5th run, so spent the next run wondering what run I was up to. The great news is I had actually run more than I thought so what I thought was going to be my second last run was actually my last. That was a bonus.

Doggy came with me, but was still limping a little from the last run. Clearly he is a little bit soft and needs to harden up. He is lying under my desk exhausted. I think the C25K is going to be harder on him than me!!

I’m not loving running yet – not even liking it – maybe next week I will feel differently. I am however, loving the afterglow of exercise. Such a nice feeling as those endorphins wind their way through my body. Even if I never really enjoy the run, I had forgotten how nice it feels afterwards. It has been far too long.

Next run Sunday.


About Annieb25

A mum to 2 teenage boys, would be writer, thirsty for knowledge, Radio Solution solver on Radio 1116 4BC and so much more!!
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8 Responses to C25K Run 3 Done & Dusted

  1. ali says:

    Yay for pushing on Annie! you will love it soon enough, and your body will feel so much better! i remember my skin and hair feeling much better as odd as that sounds! not to mention the more energy i had!
    keep up tye good work!

  2. Shelley says:

    Oh the bodily function aspect…I tend not to write in my blog that on my early morning runs I spend the first half thinking I need to do an…um…you know, starts with the letter p – o – o. 😉 Week one over already – go you good thing! xx

  3. Maxabella says:

    Oh, I hate running. I’ve been doing it since I had Cappers (so about fiveish years… what that?). Every step has sucked. But it remains the one exercise that I’ve stuck with because really, what’s the excuse not to run? You just put on your trainers (or not) and head out the door of wherever you happen to be. And you only have to do it for half the time of walking, so it’s easy to find the time you need. Gold. x

  4. Lucy says:

    Well done Annie. It is so worth it for the afterglow. And the bodily finction bit – oh annoying. I get up at 5am to blog and coffee before I run so that I am assurred of getting the poo activity out of the way……

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  6. Suzie G says:

    Hi Annie – Oh, I wish I have started already! However, living on a property and having had over 2 inches of rain, I fear that I wouldn’t get very far before I can’t lift my feet due to the mud stuck to my runners! As soon as it dries out, I’ll be there with you 🙂

    Then again, it would make me work harder wouldn’t it? Bit like running through loose sand at the beach…

  7. Claireyh says:

    I hate running too, but you are inspiring me to get moving. The more I don’t,the more I must do.

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