So, who’s your Crush?

Let’s talk about “girl crushes”.   Not the kind of crush a boy has on a girl or one a girl who likes girls has on a girl, but a good old fashioned admiration of someone who you wish could be your best friend.  Your “girl crush”.

The definition of “girl crush” in the Urban Dictionary is:

“Feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl.  A nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.”

I think this sums it up pretty well for me.  I have a few celebrity girl crushes, some which I’ve had for years and some which are new.

Yesterday I saw some gorgeous photos of our Kylie (actually I’m going to creepily call her “my” Kylie) at the Milan Fashion Week which the lovely @sassisam posted on her blog here. Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is my quintessential “girl crush”.   She seems to get more beautiful as she gets older.

One of my other long time girl crushes is Jennifer Aniston, however as time goes on my crush on her is waning.  I also have a girl crush on our very own Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Don’t judge me sisters.  I think she’s just lovely and she’s still working it and owning it and I love that.

Some of the most popular girl crushes are:

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba

Michelle Obama

Kate Winslett

January Jones

Taylor Swift

All this thinking about “girl crushes” also got me wondering whether or not men have “man crushes”?  I’ve never heard a man say “I love him, he’s amazing” or “I have such a man crush on him”.   Not in blokey, heterosexual circles anyway.   The blokey heterosexual man would no more say that than wear a man pearl, unless of course he lives in Broome where man pearls are all the go, I believe.

Now whilst your average man doesn’t openly admit to having a “man crush” I am guessing that some or most men do indeed have secret “man crushes”.   You can tell when your man has a “man crush” because he is likely to start acting like his crush or dressing in a similar way.

Bear Grylls The Adventurer Bloke’s Man Crush

Type of man: A real blokey bloke who is keen on adventure, bit of a hunter, loves a knife (any weapon really), enjoys getting down and dirty and not afraid of blood or a dead animal carcass.     Bear is everything this man would want to be.

Signs: If your man starts coming home with dirt over his face, blood around his mouth or he starts picking up the cat and trying to bite a chunk out of her side, he could very well have a crush on Bear.

Jamie Oliver The Chef Bloke’s Man Crush

Type of Man: A professional, possibly an accountant or a lawyer, who fancies himself as a bit of gourmet in the kitchen.  He likes to make a bit of a mess while he cooks and doesn’t measure any ingredients.  Although he likes cooking, he doesn’t really like “women’s work” and therefore won’t clean up his mess.  He also loves to drink and swear with his mates.

Signs:  If your man starts talking with a bit of a lisp, takes an unnatural interest in the kids lunch boxes as well as their friends’ lunch boxes or starts calling your children Poppy Honey and Petal Blossom he could be having a “man crush” on Jamie.

Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm) – The “Would be Player’s” Man Crush

Type of Man: Fancies himself a little (ok a lot),  is very careful with his appearance and likes to make an effort, rarely gets dirty (unless sweating it up in a workout at the gym) and is likely to work in advertising, real estate or property development.

Signs:  If he buys a Fedora and insists on wearing it to work, takes up smoking and starts staring at you with his head to the side and eyes half closed and a tiny smirk on his face I’d say he’s got the “man crush” on Don.

Hugh Jackman – The all round Aussie Good Guy’s Man Crush

Type of man: Good looking, loves sport, sexy mover (likes to dance), up beat, funny, everyone’s mate, great dad and mostly a nice husband.  The kind of guy every girl wants her husband to be like.

Signs: He starts growing long sideburns and sticky taping blades to his fingers, ok … maybe that’s a bit on the extreme side – but it would be funny.  He keeps breaking out into dance moves whenever he hears music or drinks Iced Tea.  Ok a bit OTT?  Truth is I have nothing here.   But if your man starts doing any of those things or belting out a bit of “Boy From Oz” at random moments, he could have a man crush on Hugh.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And finally …

Mark Webber Formula One Driver – The Rev Head’s Man Crush

Type of Man: Loves cars, loves Bathurst, loves Formula 1, loves the smell of petrol, loves cleaning his car, drools over cars as he’s driving along, hyperventilates if he sees a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and will often (almost always) put his car before his woman.

Signs: Refer to paragraph above and add an unhealthy love of Red Bull, helmets and leather racing gear and I’d say your man is loving his “man crush” Mark.

Do you think your man has a “man crush”?  If so, who?

Do you have a “girl crush”?  Who is it?

Photo Credits where possible:

Man Pearl Picture from
Bear Grylls Picture from Discovery Channel


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33 Responses to So, who’s your Crush?

  1. Lucy says:

    I am giggling because I suspect that lovely husband has a man crush on Don Draper. And who can blame him, quite frankly?

    I have a few girl crushs, to be honest. Dawn French. CJ Cregg. Lisa Chappell.

  2. Bern Morley says:

    I get more girl crushes on actual people, not stars so much. I got one recently when I was introduced to a girl at a party and she was just so interesting and funny and she seemed to be having a great time talking to me too. At the end, we exchanged numbers but then the next day it was like I’d been on a date the night before. When is it except able to ring etc. Was weird.

    I think Phil just loves being part of a good bromance. Doing bloke stuff with other guys. He reckons he doesn’t have lots of friends. He does, but boys just don’t do the stuff girls do, go to the movies, coffee etc.

    Great post and thanks for the lovely picture of Don xx

  3. LOL. Can’t say that any of my men has had a man crush, at least on any of these fine specimens of manhood (but way to load the blog with man-candy! woohoo!).

    As for myself, I have to confess I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts works for me, too. Oh, and yes, Kate Winslet… I should shut up now, right?

  4. sass says:

    My girl crush is Jennifer Love-Hewitt!
    My next life I will come back looking like her.
    I love her body, her manner everything damn it!
    If I knew where she lived I would stalk her and make her be my best friend forever and ever.

    Husband has a man crush on Zac Effron. Every time he’s on the telly Lex stops and stares…it’s weird and kinda gay.

    However…I totally agree. I do heart Zac Effron…even if he’s the same age as my little brother.


  5. You know, I think my girl crush is Annabel Crabb.

  6. I have had so many crushes over the years that I wouldn’t know where to start, but my No 1 girl crush is Laura Linney. She’s lovely and intelligent, yet accessible. Adored her in lots of movies, but especially in ‘Love Actually’.
    I have a small crush on our PM, too. I hope she doesn’t disappoint me.
    As for my husband: he has admitted to man crushes on Mike Hussey, the cricketer, (wants to bat like him) and Josh from ‘The West Wing’ (wants to be as smart as him). Not sure if he has a crush on Don Draper, but I suspect so!

  7. Kirsty Rice says:

    Girl crush on the girl from “offspring”, boy crush….maybe a mixture of Jamie, Hugh and George C.


  8. Just look at John Birmingham’s followers to see a massive horde of manly AK-47 toting- men with a woody for the guy. If I need a laugh I just log onto twitter and watch them hang onto his every word 😀

  9. Oh…and my crush? Queen Noor.

  10. MsKymOG says:

    I also have a girl crush on Jennifer Aniston, and I quite like SJP as well! Don’t know of any man crushes on my partner’s side, but he does have an unhealthy obsession with Homer Simpson.

    Love the post Annie.

  11. I read this last nite, and had to go away and think about it.

    I’m with Bern. My ‘girl crush’ is usually on actual people.

    I met a girl once in a toy shop. She was worried about being pregnant for the second time and we had a great conversation about it where I assured it wouldn’t be as difficult as she thought and she’d be ok. She was very appreciative and I felt we just clicked. I gave her my number, thinking she might call and a friendship would build…but nothing!

    *sob* I’ll probably never give my phone number out again!

  12. Jane says:

    My girl crush is on my boss at work. She is the nicest, most beautiful person ever. Plus, and I’m sorry if this sounds crude, she has the most amazing bum ever.

    Actually, I don’t think it’s a girl crush. More girl envy. I would kill for an arse like that.

  13. Thea says:

    This is too funny!!
    I don’t think my husband would ever have a man crush and even if he did I would never know!
    My girl crushes…..MY Kylie!!, Nicole Kidman, Ashley Judd, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet…that’ll do for now! 🙂

  14. My girl crushes are:
    Cate Blanchett
    Claudia Karvan
    Catherine McClements
    Miranda Kerr
    They are all Australian and beautiful.
    Boy crushes:
    Callan Mulvey
    Hamish Blake

  15. Christie says:

    He he This had me giggling Annie, very clever.
    My man, who is a manly man, has a “man” crush on Clint Eastwood. He calls him “Ol Clinty” and quotes him. A lot. You’d be surprised how often “Do you feel lucky, punk?” can actually be thrown into everyday conversation……
    I’m of the “girl crush on real life people” crew and actually told my 80-something year old Great Aunt that when I grew up I wanted to be like her (I was 33 when I told her that). There are also a couple of bloggers that I have a girl crush on, and that’s all I’m saying on that! 😉

  16. Like Bern and Jodie my girl crushes are on people I know. Our vet, who is so caring and smart and efficient; one of my friends who is a policewoman (I am in awe of people who do police work, but this one is also a fantastic Mum and friend); one of my former bosses who is now a successful novelist but is also a genuinely nice person who can be counted on to give good advice whenever I need it. If I had to pick a celebrity girl crush it would have been Jen Hawkins UNTIL she did the Lovable campaign. She lost me there when she went from being a positive role model to blatently selling sex to sell clothes.

  17. Jodi Gibson says:

    Great post Annie. I have lots of girl crushes, that change all the time too. But four main ones would be Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson. They all seem natural and fun.
    I also too sometimes see girls out and about or meet at social functions, that I get crushes on and think wow she is just so beautiful and natural.
    LOL @Christie My man has a huge crush on ‘Ol Clinty too. And me too, for an older man he is quite raw and sexy!
    I have lots of man crushes too, John Mayer, Rob Lowe, Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Thomas, Axl Rose (shameful I know, but can’t help it!), I seem to like the bad boys!

  18. My girl crush? Salma Hayek (her breastfeeding an orphaned baby sealed the deal for me)
    Hubs man crush? Stephen Fry

  19. Thea says:

    Hey, I’m back and I just read Christie’s comment.
    It reminded me that my husband used to have a Clint Eastwood poster beside his computer. Hmmmmm, man crush? I think so!!

  20. disydoit says:

    very clever post. hmmmm I suspect my hubby man crush is Tex Perkins. But he is probably more of a Bear Grylls from the list above. Although he did tell me the other day how interesting Andrew G is on twitter which made me secretly laugh a LOT!

    My girls crushes havng trouble Sarah Blasko comes to mind, give me a chick with a hot voice anyday!

  21. Purple_cath says:

    I read this too last night but wanted to check if my man had a man crush. I know he has a “leave pass” but had to ask for this. His man crush is David Beckham and doesn’t mind the ol’ bear grylls. My girl crush by a street is p!nk. In the past I’ve also been fond of Miranda kerr and Jennifer love hewitt. I’m sure theres been more. Lately I have noticed like others I’m having crushes on actual ppl too. Great post!

  22. Amelia says:

    Great post!! My girl crush is definitely Jennifer Aniston or SJP. I love them.
    As formy man, he seems awfully fond of Russell Brand (should i be worrying?!) and most guys who have played James Bond. 🙂

  23. My girl crush is Audrey Tatou and I am pretty sure my guy has a man crush on Vince Vaughn…not that he would ever admit it! Great post….good laugh for a friday morning

  24. Kamarine says:

    I do believe my hubby has a man crush on Jamie Oliver. He’s such a wannabe cook and owns some of his cook books and will watch anything on tv with him. It’s adorable.

    Myself? Probably Pink.

  25. This was hilarious, Annie, but I’ve only just been able to stop crying now a day after reading that I didn’t make your girl crush list. It’s OK, I’ll live *sob*

    If I had to choose I’d say hubby’s crushing on Jamie Oliver and Mark Webber. Big F1 fan. Mark Webber can do no wrong in his eyes.

    I definitely have girl crushes on real life people, not celebs. I think I could definitely have a few crushes on fellow bloggers, you’re all so lovely!

  26. Lucy says:

    I had to pop back in here and give my other girl crush.

    Joan Holloway from Mad Men. I luff her.

  27. EmmaK says:

    oh my husband has man crushes all right …he’s been having an affair with every member of Manchester United for years!!

  28. nicky (nonoodle) says:

    Lol Annie,
    I think hubby has man crushes – He’s a bit of a Bear Grylls fan often find him watching Bear, doing something gross, I think he would like to be out there with him

    My girl crushes would have to be Kate Ceberano, my current boss (amazing woman & gorgeous to boot)

  29. nicky (nonoodle) says:

    Forgot can’t believe I forgot – Audrey Hepburn ahhhh

  30. Pingback: Hair Crushes, I’ve Had A Few… « My Shoebox Life

  31. Heath says:

    I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to admit my man crushes out loud. There have been a few over the years, ranging from the “I’d turn for…” to “he seems like an awesome guy and I think we could be friends.”

    In the “I’d turn for” category was man crush #1 – Jeff Buckley. Once he ended up a bloated corpse floating in the Mississippi, Rufus Wainwright took over.

    The “we could be friends” list is longer, but I’ll restrict it to two. It may be a very well crafted public persona, but Hugh Jackman really does seem like the nicest guy in the world. Wil Wheaton is on that list as well – he overdoes the humble “I’m so lucky to have this life” thing occasionally, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy who I really do think I could be good friends with. Did that sound a bit stalkerish?

  32. Sue (Just_Leithal) says:

    Great post! man has a man crush ..I have even referred to this person as his “boyfriend” but for the life of me I can’t think who it is..*old age!!

    My girl crushes are Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Salma Hayek & Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also Sofía Vergara who plays Gloria on Modern Family!

  33. Lisa says:

    I definetly have a girl crush on Kate Walsh, want her pretend life in Private Practice, bu mostly I wish I had the same tone of red hair as her.

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