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What Writing Fiction & Adoption Have in Common

I’ve had bloggers block this past week or so.  Let me tell you why.  Early last week I decided to write my first ever short story and enter it in a competition.  I thought I would be rather clever and … Continue reading

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The Bottom of the Well

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I feel like I am constantly running on the Hamster Wheel of life and getting absolutely nowhere.  Just like the poor little Hamster.  Fortunately for the Hamster he doesn’t have a business to … Continue reading

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Lost my MOJO – have you seen it lying around?

Me.  I’m almost 47 and still think I’m 30.  I’m scared of getting old in the mind and will do anything to stay young at heart.  Not so pedantic about trying to look 30 – still think there is a … Continue reading

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