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What Writing Fiction & Adoption Have in Common

I’ve had bloggers block this past week or so.  Let me tell you why.  Early last week I decided to write my first ever short story and enter it in a competition.  I thought I would be rather clever and … Continue reading

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The Election – My View

Is it just me, or is this election campaign totally different to any that have gone before it? I’ve been trying to work out why this is.  Maybe it is because I am older and I have more of a … Continue reading

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The Bottom of the Well

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I feel like I am constantly running on the Hamster Wheel of life and getting absolutely nowhere.  Just like the poor little Hamster.  Fortunately for the Hamster he doesn’t have a business to … Continue reading

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Philanthropy, Twitter, Misunderstandings & Authenticity

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just start here and see what happens. Last night and the night before and the night before I have been banging on about how much I want an Ipad.  I really do … Continue reading

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Good Bad Ugly and Amazing Month of May

All I want to do is write.   All I get time to do is work.  😦 It is coming towards the end of my first full month blogging.   It has been a really intense month.  Here’s a wrap up of … Continue reading

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Nuding Up for #Bloggerswithoutmakeup

Wow – Jodie Anstead at Mummy Mayhem has created some amazing momentum for  #bloggerswithoutmakeup this Friday.  Her blog was so inspirational and has liberated us all to ditch the make up and bare our true selves for one day. I, … Continue reading

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Twitter emotions. Am I paranoid? Or just normal?

I’m a relative newby to the twitterverse.  The majority of people I tweet with have been tweeting for quite some time.  I did try over a year ago to use Twitter but could not for the life of me see … Continue reading

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Procrastination – I’m off the wagon :(

Right … here I am only one day since my monumental declaration that I would make Procrastination my friend.   Who was I kidding?  You won’t believe what has happened today … I have just spent 3/4 of an hour procrastinating about … Continue reading

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