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I’m not here

Because I’m posting over at here at The Secret Life of Bees.   While you are there check out some of Sass’ posts.  She is most excellent. 🙂 Thank you Sass for having me.  You are my first ever guest post … Continue reading

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I Don’t think I’m a Fail Whale

My apologies to the loyal blog readers I have here.  I have been rather uninspired of late and my poor blog and readers have been sadly neglected.   I will endeavour to put an end to the neglect. Unfortunately my … Continue reading

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C25K Runs 5 & 6

Late this afternoon I completed run 6. This means on Sunday I start a new week. I don’t know how far I will be running because I don’t like to look until the day, that way I can’t stress out … Continue reading

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C25K Run 3 Done & Dusted

Today I really struggled to get the motivation to actually go for my run. As one does these days, I reached out to Twitter and the motivation was sent my way, in spades. My lovely Tweets cheering me on, giving … Continue reading

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Kreativ Blogger Meme

The very lovely Shelley from My Shoebox Life passed me the Kreativ Blogger Meme last week.  I have taken a bit too long to pass it on, but I am finally here. If you don’t follow Shelley on Twitter or … Continue reading

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The Bottom of the Well

I don’t think I’m alone in saying I feel like I am constantly running on the Hamster Wheel of life and getting absolutely nowhere.  Just like the poor little Hamster.  Fortunately for the Hamster he doesn’t have a business to … Continue reading

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Fat Pig

Last night I went to the Queensland Theatre Company to see Fat Pig.  To be honest I’d never heard of it.   Horribly offensive title too.  Perhaps I live in a cultural void, because my friends were surprised I’d not read about … Continue reading

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18 Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago today, I was 29, married and very pregnant with my first child.  At 3pm I had the injection to induce labour.  Exactly 5 hours later I was mum to a healthy little boy.  I didn’t have a clue.  … Continue reading

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Nuding Up for #Bloggerswithoutmakeup

Wow – Jodie Anstead at Mummy Mayhem has created some amazing momentum for  #bloggerswithoutmakeup this Friday.  Her blog was so inspirational and has liberated us all to ditch the make up and bare our true selves for one day. I, … Continue reading

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Today I …

  Organised medical assistance for a young girl having an epileptic fit Helped 3 street sleepers obtain toiletries and new shoes Found a missing 10 year old boy Helped a young man obtain a Street Swag so he has somewhere … Continue reading

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