What I’ve been Reading

One thing I really enjoy seeing on other blogs is what books people are reading and what they thought of them.  I love to read a book based on the recommendation of someone I like and respect.  I have a little notebook where I jot down every book I read, where I obtained it from and the rating I gave it.  I am now going to do that on my blog.   It will hopefully serve a twofold purpose.  One, it will keep me accountable to read more – this year has been my slackest ever, and two, hopefully I will inspire some of my lovely blog followers to buy books and read them.  The art of reading and writing must never die.

Currently Reading

23 September 2010 – Ghost Child by Caroline Overington

I was meant to be working when I received this book in the mail and started reading the first page.  I stopped at page 17, only because I was meant to be working!  I have planned to put aside a couple of hours to read this weekend and I can’t wait.   I can’t wait for Caroline’s second book “I Came to Say Goodbye” due out next month.


2010 Books I’ve Read List


1, Alex Cross – James Patterson

I’m a bit of a sucker for James Patterson books.  They are my essential holiday reading fodder.  Easy to read.  Easy to pick up and put down.   Reading an Alex Cross novel is like watching an episode of Criminal Minds, one of my favourite shows.  Fast paced and enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.   I’ve never read a James Patterson, Alex Cross series book I’ve not enjoyed.

Alex Cross’s niece is found brutally murdered. Overcome with grief, Alex vows to take down her killer before he strikes again. But shortly after he begins the investigation, Alex discovers that his niece had gotten mixed up with some very important, very dangerous people. And she’s not the only one who has disappeared.

As I do with all James Patterson/Alex Cross books, I enjoyed this one.

The Land of the Living – Nicci French

Another one of my favourite holiday authors.  Every December and January I will catch up on all my Nicci French novels.  This husband and wife team (Nicci Gerrard and Sean French) write exciting thrillers with twists and turns you don’t expect.  Yes they are written to a certain formula, but the exciting thing is they each write a chapter, turn about.  When you read their books you don’t get a sense that a different person has written each alternate chapter.   I do enjoy a good thriller for my light holiday reading entertainment.

“Abbi Devereaux lies flat on her back, her arms and legs tied down, her head covered with a hood. She senses the eyes that watch her. She feels the unknown hands that touch her in the dark. She knows she has been kidnapped. And she knows that somehow she must stay alive, even though everything she is experiencing tells her she won’t.” “Miraculously, she escapes. One nightmare is over…but another is about to begin.” “Her memories of the recent past – where she lives, whether she has a job, where she stands with her boyfriend – are oddly out of synch with reality, her normal, everyday life in “the land of the living.” As the authorities question her credibility, Abbie can’t help but wonder if there is a connection between the facts she has forgotten and the kidnapping itself.” Now there’s only one way to reclaim both her mind and her life – and stop a monstrous psycho-killer. She must dare to retrace her steps to the place where all the horror began.


The Red Room, Nicci French

Kit Quinn is a young woman who inhabits dangerous worlds: crime scenes, interrogation scenes, hospitals for the criminally insane. Horribly wounded in an attack by a suspect, she must return to the site of her worst fears. She is asked by the police to advise them on a simple murder inquiry. A young runaway has been found killed by a canal and the chief suspect is the man who wounded Kit.

But Kit refuses to accept appearances and her obsessive search for the truth draws her into an underworld of the missing and the unloved which puts her at terrible risk.

I really enjoyed this book, and like James Patterson reads, I haven’t read a Nicci French I didn’t enjoy.


My Favourite Books


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